January 4th, 2013


Hey fans, what an awesome season this has been for my Colts!


First, one loss is another gain. Yes, I am still a Peyton fan but who cannot love watching the Colts this year! Andrew "Luck," just like Blues horseshoe, has helped this team overcome a lot this year. After the sad season last year and losing Peyton..."Luck" was all we could ask for. AND...we got it. Indianapolis still has some struggles but it has been fun watching this rookie and the whole team come together.

Secondly, who would not be proud to be a Colts fan. With how the community, fans and teammates have showed their strength and love for the coach. I just wish I lived back in Indy to be a part of it.

Now, lets beat the Ravens and continue through the playoffs...

Proud Colts Fan,

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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