March 11th, 2013

Small But Mighty


Marquise Goodwin has to be one of the best performers in the NFL Combine. "Speed Kills" and Marquise Goodwin has killing-fast speed with 4.27 seconds in the 40 yard dash. He reminds me of Doug Martin because he is small but can be mighty. Goodwin was able to bench press 13 reps of 225 pounds and has a broad jump of 132 inches. That is great for a guy who is 5'9. The thing that really has me hooked on him was his 40 yard dash because he was so close to beating Chris Johnson. A great thing about Goodwin is his hands. If anyone saw him play at the University of Texas then you'll know what I mean. Even though Marquise is a small Wide Receiver I think his athleticism will take him far in the NFL as long as he bulks up a little more.

Jean-Bernard Jr.
NFLRUSH Kid Reporter



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