December 18th, 2012

'Skins for NFC East

This season, as always, the NFC East is coming down to a few games.


It seems that the Giants are going to end up at the top of the division, but the real question is the 'Boys or the 'Skins. The race for the second place spot and possibly the division title is on. With the Giants at 8-5 and the 'Boys and 'Skins at 7-6, this week could decide it all.


Even though RG3 is out, I think that Cousins is a fantastic player, and he pulled it out against one of the best teams in the league, the Ravens. The 'Skins are playing the Brown so they should pick up the win pretty easily. The Cowboys are playing the Steelers, which will present them with a challenge, and the Giants are playing the two-lose Falcons which will also present a challenge.


So, if the 'Skins win, the 'Boys win, and the Giants lose (all very possible), that will knot up the division at 8-6 for all three teams. My predictions are 'Skins win, 'Boys loose, and so do the Giants. If I am correct, the division will stand at 'Skins and Giants tied at first with 8-6 records, and the 'Boys just behind at 7-7. I can't wait for Sunday!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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