January 6th, 2012

Sit Em Start Em - Wild Picks

- QB: Drew Brees – New Orleans
In a game against the Lions which will likely will turn into a shootout, look for the all-time yards leader to set the scoreboard on fire this week.
- RB: Arian Foster – Houston Texans
In a match up of rookie QBs we expect both teams to relying on their running games. If this is the case it stands to reason that Foster will put up huge stats.
- WR: Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions
He’s Megatron and he will be dialed up to 11. 'Nuff said?

- QB: Tim Tebow – Denver Broncos
By now you should know his magic has disappeared. So it’s hard to imagine that he’ll have much success this week against the strong Steelers defense.
- RB: Cedric Benson – Cincinnati Bengals
The Texans front 7 is a brutal match-up for Benson, so if you have another option this week we suggest you start someone else.
- WR: Mario Manningham – New York Giants
With Victor Cruz going off, Manningham has seen his chances drop. Look for that trend to continue this week.

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