October 21st, 2011

Sit Em Start Em Week 7
QB: Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers 
  Rodgers is still on the list until further notice. This guy's a awesome!
QB:  Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers 
  Big Ben should easily dominate the hapless Cardinals secondary. 
RB:  Steven Jackson – St. Louis Rams 
  Now that he’d fully healthy, look for Jackson to unleash the beast against the Cowboys.
- WR:  Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs 
  Bowe always seems to excel in these rivalry games. This is bad news for the Raiders.

- QB:  Josh Freeman – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
  Chicago comes to town and they will be bearing sacks. Not the best week to be Freeman.
-RB:  Shonn Greene New York Jets
  Green and the Jets are going to find out that the Charger’s defense is vastly underrated.
- WR: Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings 
  Percy Harvin has been a bit invisible this year, and with the Vikes starting a rookie QB this week (Christian Ponder), Harvin isn’t likely to show up in the box scores.

Make sure to update your roster before this week's game start!

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