November 12th, 2011

Sit 'Em Start 'Em - Aaron Who?!

QB: Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers 
Cam Newton plays Tennessee, after a week off to prepare. Any questions?
- RB: LeSean McCoy - Philadelphia Eagles
This just in, LeSean McCoy just might be the best running back in the NFL. If you’ve got him. Start him!
- WR:  Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys
This is just a hunch, but the time feels right for a big week from Dez Bryant.

- QB:  Matt Schaub - Houston Texans 
The Tampa defense is not very friendly to QB fantasy numbers. QB Schaub may not have the numbers you’ve come to expect from him this week.
RB:  BenJarvus Green-Ellis - New England Patriots
The "Law Firm’s" stat sheet will be brief as he attempts to negotiate the Jets stout running defense.
- Torrey Smith – Baltimore Ravens 
Sure the kid had a big-time catch to win the game over the Steelers, but people seem to forget that the Seahawks are a tough team to play at home.   

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BenJarvus Green-Ellis – New England Patriots

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