Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt races his brother, Wisconsin linebacker T.J. Watt in this simulcam race.

BEFORE you watch: predict which Watt brother will win this epic race!

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  • Houston Texans

    March 30

    texansfan07 · practice squad

    jj is 50 pounds more than tj

  • Atlanta Falcons

    March 16

    grizzyfalcon23 · starter

    watched the video TJ WATT is CORRECT!!!!!!!

  • Chicago Bears

    March 16

    watkins542 · veteran

    I mean TJ watt

  • Atlanta Falcons

    March 15

    grizzyfalcon23 · starter

    TJ WATT!

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    March 14

    carsonwentz28 · veteran

    I predict TJ

  • Washington Redskins

    March 14

    wcc0214 · free agent

    I Think T.J Watt

  • New York Giants

    March 14

    kmlooney · practice squad

    TJ Watt