January 19th, 2014

Seattle Moving On?

I believe that the best game this week will be between the Seattle Seahawks versus the San Francisco 49ers. I also believe that the Seahawks will win. They're both in the same division and they played each other twice already in the regular season. They both won one game against each other. Seattle's win was by a bigger margin though.

The 49ers are going to have to run the ball more if they want to win this game. Collin Kaepernick is more known for his running than his passing. He isn't as accurate as most quarterbacks, so if they pass the ball a lot, Seattle will get some interceptions.

All Seattle has to do is what they normally do and run the ball. They also will have to send pressure because the 49ers are scarier running the ball than passing it and that will stop the running game. Both teams have great defenses so the game will not be as high scoring as the other game. I am predicting that Seattle will win 22-13.

Although the Packers aren't playing, don't forget to Back-the-Pack!





Who do you believe will win the Super Bowl?

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