January 27th, 2012

Saints vs. 49ers: The Biggest Playoffs Upset Yet

When the 49ers beat the Saints, I was really surprised. That game was such an upset! Even with the Saints suspect defense I still thought that they could put enough pressure on Alex Smith to make him make bad throws and bad decisions.  That was not the case, as he put up fantastic numbers and one of the greatest game winning drives of all time.  

Even with the 49ers extraordinary defense I thought that Drew Brees and the Saints top-notch offense would be able to handle them.  But the 49ers defense was forcing countless turnovers.

One really big shocker to me was how in-sync Alex Smith and Vernon Davis were throughout the course of the game. This especially showed on that final game winning drive when he ran a great route, and all Alex Smith had to do was get him the ball. With 30 seconds left in the game, I thought that the Saints had it in the bag. But Alex Smith proved himself and made two great throws to Vernon Davis. The first throw got the 49ers into position, and the other throw won the game for them. This game was the biggest upset in my opinion because the Saints were my pick to win the SuperBowl.       

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