May 30th, 2012

Running Their Way To A 2nd Championship - What The Giants Need To Practice In The Offseason

As Training Camp approaches, even the best teams can get better. Last year the Giants were ranked 32nd in the NFL in rushing, dead last! That is not good, and losing Brandon Jacobs, their all time rushing touchdown leader, does not help.

However, the additon of David Wilson from Virginia might be the answer the Giants are looking for. Wilson, a speed back, might provide the spark and outside threat that Jacobs and the often injured Ahmad Bradshaw did not provide last year.

A healthy Ahmad Bradshshaw can give them both power and speed and improved blocking will be necessary to make for a better season for the Giants.

Blocking and getting to the outside are what the Giants need to work on most in Training Camp, and I'm looking forward to seeing them improve on their mistakes and get ready to have another successful NFL season.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


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