Rookie Profile: Kelvin Benjamin

With just 15 seconds left in the college football National Championship game, Florida State University wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin caught the game winning touchdown.

Not a bad way to end you college career, huh?

His challenge in his impending rookie season in the NFL is to replace Pro Bowl WR Cam Newton's number one target with the Carolina Panthers.

You might want to get to know him, because he just might become your new favorite fantasy football wide receiver very soon.

5 facts about Kelvin Benjamin:

1. He was born in February 5th, 1991 in Belle Glade, Florida.

2. He was ranked as the eighth best high school WR in the country when he choose to attend Florida State University.

3. During his final college season he averaged 1 touchdown for every 3.6 receptions, which was second-best in the nation.

4. Benjamin is 6'5" tall and 240 lbs., with good speed and an amazing 83-inch wingspan. Who does that remind you of? Maybe we should call him Benjatron?

5. He will wear the jersey number 13 and the Panthers hope it's a lucky number for them both.

How will Kelvin Benjamin perform for the Panthers?

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