January 4th, 2013

Rookie Possibly in the Super Bowl??

For rookies this year, it was a good year in the NFL. As the season came to an end this year, three rookie quarterbacks were able to make the playoffs.

The first one is a member of the Washington Redskins. He is Robert Griffin III, AKA RG3. Thanks to him the Redskins won the division title, edging out the red hot Dallas Cowboys. He made his season debut against the New Orleans Saints. He threw an 80 yard bomb for a touchdown.

Andrew Luck (first round pick by the Colts) is also a rookie in the playoffs. After the Colt's last season 2-14 record the rookie pushed them to the wildcard in the playoffs.

Russell Wilson of the Seahawks is a surprise with a QB rating of 100.0. He can run, pass, he can do everything. But can he win a Super Bowl?



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


Do you think that one of the rookies will lead their team to a Super Bowl victory?

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