September 26th, 2012

Robert Griffin III, The Amazing Rookie Quarterback

Robert Griffin III is a rookie that I think has a ton of potential this season. I am most impressed with how he won his first game in the NFL. It's really hard for a rookie to win his first game. The Washington Redskins were not very good last year with Rex Grossman and John Beck, but this year they are playing better on offense with Robert Griffin III. I think they will get more wins than last year by far.

RGIII is throwing a lot of accurate passes. You know I like stats, so here are some stats that impress me: he is in the top 10 in passer rating and completion percentage, ahead of every other rookie quarterback. He is also the best rushing quarterback so far this year.

Robert Griffin III needs to work on not getting sacked as much as he is now. He has been sacked nine times in three games, and that is in the top 10. That's not a good top 10 to be in! But I think he is going to do well throughout the season and improve from his mistakes.

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

Who is your favorite rooking Quarterback

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