Ridley's Mom Rocks!

Behind every NFL super star is an awesome MOM and New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley is no exception.


We were lucky enough to have Stevan's mother Carolyn Ridley spend some time telling us about Stevan as a kid and sharing some pictures.


Thank you, Mrs. Ridley, and happy Mother's Day from the entire community.


CAROLYN RIDLEY (Mother of Stevan Ridley)

Q: What is your favorite Mother's Day memory you have of your son?

A: "Making Memories" is a precious thing for me with my family, so I really don't have a favorite "ONE" Mother's Day memory. What is memorable for me is that Stevan makes every effort to ensure that we spend the day TOGETHER!
Q: What is one Draft Day memory you have of your son?

A: My one Draft Day memory of Stevan is the look of bewilderment on his face at the end of the 2nd round when all the teams who had expressed an interest in him after the combine, had passed him up. He got up, said to his dad, "I don't know what's going on." He walked outside, regrouped mentally/emotionally, and came back inside. Within minutes, the expression changed to tears of joy, gratitude and relief after receiving the very special phone call from Mr. Stacy James and the New England Patriots!!
Q: What is the nicest thing your son ever did for you?

A: Stevan is very generous to me all the time. He has given me a car, cash, travel, flowers, jewelry... However, the nicest thing Stevan does for me is the way he tries to live his life each day, remembering the Christian values we have instilled in him and unashamedly acknowledges The Lord for where he is in his life today.



Whoa check out those sweet wheels!



Ready to play.




Stevan busts a move.

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