October 4th, 2012

RG3 the Best Rookie

Out of all the talented rookies this season, Robert Griffin III (RG3) has been the most impressive. He has monster numbers with 1,070 passing yards, 4 touchdowns and one interception. He also has 252 rushing yards with only 2 fumbles. He has really looked good and has been accurate and smart with his passes, as well and seeking the field and making his cuts in the running game.


Andrew Luck has looked good as well, but there haven't really been any standout performances from him yet. Trent Richardson has struggled in the yards category, but has scored in three straight games.


Doug Martin got off to a strong start Week 1, but has faltered since. Russell Wilson has proven to be a strong leader, but a great deal of his early success has been powered by Marshawn Lynch's great start to the season. Alfred Morris has been extremely good, and a very valuable piece in Mike Shanahan's offense. Michael Floyd is an extremely talented wide recover, but the Cardinals are mostly using him as a blocker, which has been working well. Finally we have Justin Blackmon. Although he flashed his CalvinJohnson-like style in college, Justin Blackmon doesn't have any good supporting pieces in the offense besides MJD.


As you can see from the descriptions of these featured rookies, RG3 has the most potential. One thing he will have to overcome is the fact that he plays for the Redskins. The Redskins aren't a bad team, but they are young and could use some defensive help to match their explosive offense. Also, RG3 is a little bit undersized for a mobile quarterback. He is 6'2" compared to Cam Newton at 6'5". All in all, RG3 has a few things to overcome, but will most likely be a successful quarterback in the NFL.



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