Reporting from Colts Training Camp
Duct tape is like a team, it holds you together when you fall apart!

Alright Colts fans, I think we are looking at an awesome season! I spent a couple of days at Colts Training Camp at Anderson University, watching my favorite team prepare for the upcoming season (and getting autographs!!). It has been an ultimate experience.


Dallas Clark and Austin Collie did not look like two players that were injured last year. They were definitely looking ready to play. Peyton touched the ball some, but is still healing from surgery. The defensive line was hitting well. Man, I am ready for some football. Preseason football this Saturday, Colts vs. Rams (my new home town).....can't wait!!!

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  • Arizona Cardinals

    October 26, 2011

    achidee · draftee

    Collie's Awesome

  • Los Angeles Chargers

    September 25, 2011

    kacijoelle · draftee

    colts rule