Red-Zone Challenge Joseph Addai
Joseph Addai

Props: Football
Time Required:15-40 minutes

Get some friends together and create two teams (2-5 people per team). Create a goal line where you need to score. From that line, walk 5 steps out and put the football down. You get 4 downs to try to score! Instead of tackling, play 2-hand touch, if the defense tags you with 2 hands you’re down. If you score, take 10 steps back, if you score after that take 15 steps back. Add 5 steps to the distance each time you score. Once you get stopped, switch sides and see if the other team ends up farther back from the goal line. The team that scores from the farthest out wins!

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  • New York Giants

    November 1, 2008

    briellaewan · draftee

    ok what about the ny giant