January 30th, 2013

Ray's First Sack, Last Dance

Ray Lewis is a dominant NFL player. He has had a great career filled with many memories and that funky dance. Sunday will be the last time we ever see that dance, and the ferocious player we call Ray Lewis.


There is another interesting story line coming into this game. Ray Lewis recorded his first career sack against Jim Harbaugh, quarterback of the Colts at the time, now coach of the 49ers. This is slated to be a fantastic game.


I think it will start out slowly, both teams nervous in the big game. However, midway through the game we will see an offensive explosion by both teams. I think a deciding player is Torrey Smith. If he has a great game the Ravens win, but if the 49ers contain him, the Ravens will have a hard time moving the ball downfield. I think this will be a nail biter, and one for the ages. In the end, even though I hope the Ravens win, and Ray goes out on top, I think the 49ers will win 31-28. This will be a great game and just as memorable as the Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl.

My family also has many traditions with the Super Bowl. We start out the night by throwing the football around and talking about the game right before it starts. Then we eat either hot dogs, sandwiches, or pizza. We also do Super Bowl squares, where everyone gets squares and wins a prize if we correctly pick the score on the square. We also love watching the commercials, and my favorites are the Volkswagon and the Coke. (even though I never drink soda they are funny) This is going to be a great Super Bowl game, and a time to bring back traditions that will always last.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


Matthew H


Who will be the deciding factor in the Super Bowl?

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