October 17th, 2012

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is one of the best linebackers of all time, and it is heart-breaking to see him leave the field for the rest of this 2012 season -- and possibly forever. However, his memory will remain within the NFL. Lewis once said that he wanted to live long after his records have fallen. Well, his leadership skills and determination might very well allow that.

Ray Lewis was certainly a fantastic player, but perhaps even more importantly, he urged and encouraged his team to continue to play to their maximum ability each and every game. That is why my favorite moment is not before, but after a loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, which determined who would go to the Super Bowl. Lewis knew that it was not the end, so he made sure that his teammates did not leave the stadium with their heads hanging.


He's an inspiration to us all!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


"It ain't about one play, it ain't about nothing. This year, we did what we were supposed to do. We fought as a team. There will be one Super Bowl champ this year. That's it! So the way we feel, somebody's gonna feel like that tomorrow! Somebody's gonna feel like that in the week! That's a fact! And the fact is, we gotta come back and go to work to make sure we finish it next time! That's all we gotta do! You hear me, man? I'm tellin' you, man! Don't ever... don't ever drop your head when it comes to a loss, 'cause there's too much pain outside of this that people are really going through! This right here makes us strong! Let's understand who we are as a team! Let's understand who we are as men! Let's make somebody smile as we walk out of here. We got an opportunity to keep goin', man! Let's be strong as a team. Let's be who we are. Ravens on three. ONE, TWO, THREE! RAVENS!"

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