December 30th, 2016

Ramsey Wins Packers Bonanza!

Top Points Earner Contest Winner Heads to Green Bay!

I’m writing about the Fuel Up to Play 60 prize I won for being the Top Points Earner on! I got to pick an NFL game to travel to and watch my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers play in their hometown!

The day before the game, I went to Lambeau Field and got to meet 2 alumni players from the Packers: Marco Rivera and Ken Ruettgers. I also took the stadium tour and got to go everywhere from the roof of the stadium to the tunnel and on the field. My favorite part of the tour was being on the roof because I felt like a giant standing above the entire field. When I got to the stadium that day, I was just shocked by how big it was.

When I walked through the Hall of Fame, my favorite part was the Brett Favre display. He was such a neat person. I also got to see some Super Bowl Rings and a couple of the Packers’ Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophies.
This was my first ever NFL game, and I couldn't wait to get inside to a stadium full of fans! When we got to the stadium for the game on Sunday, I was surprised by getting Sideline Passes to hang out on the sidelines during the pre-game. We got to see the players up close. That was so exciting! My favorite part of the game was running out of the tunnel before the National Anthem and standing on the field. I also have to say that another highlight before the game was when we were walking down the tunnel to go line up and Clay Matthews came up behind me and gave me a little shake on the shoulder as he jogged by. THAT WAS AWESOME!
The game was so awesome! The Packers fans I sat around were so cool. Every time there was a touchdown, they gave everyone around them high fives. The fans were so nice! Even though the snow was coming down it was still really nice outside and a perfect day for an outdoor football game.
So glad I got to see a Packers win at Lambeau Field. Man, I had an awesome time! I'd have to say that this was the best trip I've ever been on! Thank you Fuel Up to Play 60 for the opportunity to experience my first NFL game in style!

Student Ambassador
South Dakota
7th Grade

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