April 5th, 2013

Quarterback Upgrade

Now, everyone knows how important the QB position is on a football team. They are one of the leaders on the team, and if a team wins a Super Bowl, they are often the MVP. I personally think the Bills improved their QB situation the most trading for Kevin Kolb. Kolb is known as the "Comeback King" because of all the comebacks he has had with the Cardinals. Ryan Fitzpatrick helped the Bills with a few wins this past season, but if they didn't have Ryan Fitzpatrick, other teams would have beaten them much more easily. I believe Kevin Kolb will get them a winning record that surpasses the last few years of the Bill’s franchise. 

Kolb previously played for the Cardinals and Eagles. His completion percentage was almost always better than 50%, and as the years went on, he got better and better. He only threw 25 interceptions in 6 years! Kolb also only had 16 fumbles in that time. In fact, in his whole career, he has had 449 completions. With Kevin Kolb, I think the Bills will be unstoppable (fingers crossed).



Whose team do you think was improved the most by a QB change?

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