Protection Mode - Green Bay Packers Draft Analysis

I think the Packers best draft pick this year was Derek Sherrod (offensive tackle Mississippi State) at pick number 32 in the first round. I'll have to agree that it may not have been the most exciting pick. It's always more exciting when your team picks ball handling positions such as quarterback, running back, or wide receiver, but after Ingram went to New Orleans, there wasn't that "sure thing" impact player left. What Sherrod will do is protect that "sure thing" impact player Green Bay already has in Aaron Rodgers.


After suffering from two concussions last year, the Packers need to make sure to protect Rodgers. They need to make sure Rodgers stays on the field for many more years and has the opportunity to repeat in becoming the Super Bowl MVP again.


The NFC North is tough. Since the Packers play their division rivals twice each season, they have Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Ndamukong Suh, and now Nick Fairley all coming for Rodgers on every play. It's for that reason that I think Sherrod was the best pick the Packers made in the draft.


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Johnny S

Which NFC North team do you think had the best draft?

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  • Atlanta Falcons

    May 20, 2011

    Rbirch1997 · draftee

    Yea you win!

  • Green Bay Packers

    May 15, 2011

    kbmcmull · draftee

    hey on a disk it shows all the packers games and one part there a sine that says thanks for the memories bert

  • Houston Texans

    May 13, 2011

    jack80 · draftee

    nice costume dude. i want that, but in texan form

  • Green Bay Packers

    May 13, 2011

    Ksmasher9 · draftee

    packers rule !!!!!

  • Chicago Bears

    May 13, 2011

    Jakecutler6 · draftee

    Jay Cutler was not good at bears vs packers game he got hurt

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    May 13, 2011

    canden · draftee

    its all good yall be my team but we no where you live

  • Green Bay Packers

    May 12, 2011

    packvsbrett · draftee

    Wow! Were, like, 20 times ahead of the Lions!

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    May 12, 2011

    demareadial · draftee

    greem bay rocks