January 4th, 2010

Post Season Parties! Except 4 the Broncos

Bring the Postseason Parties!

My Broncos are out of the playoff picture, and that made me mad, but there are 4 wild card games that will all obviously be thrillers.

-Jets and Bengals (twice in a row) Despite not even getting a Field Goal in their last regular season game, the Bengals just might upset the Jets, I predict the final score will be 36-30 in OT Bengals. I think Ochocinco will make the final touchdown

-Eagles Vs. Cowboys: tough match, but the Cowboys beat the Saints; I believe the Cowboys will win thanks to a fumble or an interception 31-24, if not a fumble or INT, then I think Tony Romo will make the winning play.

-Ravens vs. Patriots: The Pats are coming off a hard fought loss to the Texans. It could either dishearten them or fire them up! But if I had to make a prediction, I would have to say Pats, 30-20.

-Packers Vs. Cardinals (again): The Cheeseheads thoroughly spanked the Cardinals 33-7 last week, which probably hurt them, or could get them fired up, but the Packers have the Super Bowl in their grasp too so I say 40-20 Packers. The final score will probably be a deep-pass touchdown by Aaron Rogers or an interception by Charles Woodson.

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