December 24th, 2012

Playoff Gifts: Who's in? Who Has a Chance?

Who is in the Playoffs? The AFC knows who their teams are but the NFC still has a little wiggle room.  Here's how things stand right now:





1. Texans (12-3)

2. Broncos (12-3)

3. Patriots (11-4)

4. Ravens (10-5)

5. Colts (10-5)

6. Bengals (9-6)






1. Falcons (13-2)

2. Packers (11-4)

3. 49ers (10-4-1)

4. Seahawks (10-5)


The Race:

Redskins (9-6) - Redskins play the Cowboys this week and the winner will go to the playoffs. If the Redskins lose, they can still make it in with losses by the Vikings and the Bears.


Vikings (9-6) - Vikings hold the Wild Card spot right now but need to win to cement their spot. If they lose, they can sneak in with losses by the Bears, Cowboys and Giants.


Bears (9-6) - The Bears need a win and a loss by the Vikings to get in.  


Cowboys (8-7) - See Redskins.  Win, and they are in. But if the 'Boys lose, they are out.


Giants (8-7) - They need to get a lot of help.  They need to win and need the Vikings, Bears and Cowboys all to lose.  


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