August 20th, 2013

Play 60 Camp Teaches Kids More Than Just Football

By James H ( Bucs Reporter)


The smiles!  The kids all had smiles on their faces…that’s what I remember most.  I was invited to go to the NFL Play 60 Character Camp at Raymond James Stadium this week in Tampa Bay, Florida.  The camp is run by former NFL great, Anthony Muñoz.  It was a blast!


This was no ordinary camp!  It doesn’t only teach football, but also character traits. Some traits were truthfulness, gratefulness and responsibility.  We learned offensive skills on Day 1, and defensive skills on Day 2. We also played a couple of games.  One was “Mission Impossible” that worked on team work. My favorite game was “Race Base”, which is kind of like Dodge Ball.  We also played 7 on 7 football. The kids also got shirts, awards, gift bags, and lunches.  And all this was free to the campers who may never have been to a camp before.


Anthony Muñoz is a Hall of Fame offensive lineman that played for the Cincinnati Bengals for 13 seasons.  Some people say he’s the best offensive lineman ever.  He’s really nice, and I talked to him.  I asked him first what motivated him to start a camp for underprivileged kids.  He said, “I had great mentors from camps when I was young.”  He said that teaching positive values are important for kids because it helps them in life. 


I asked Anthony if he didn’t play football, what he would have done.  He said that he wanted to play MLB baseball. Anthony Muñoz taught the kids a lot and I enjoyed talking to him.


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