Pittsburgh: Did You Know?

The Steel City. The City of Bridges. The City of Champions.


CITY: The world's first Ferris wheel was manufactured in 1893 by the Bethlehem Iron Company in Pittsburgh. It rotated on a 71-ton, 45.5-foot axle weighing 89,320 pounds, together with two 16-foot-diameter (4.9 m) cast-iron spiders weighing 53,031 pounds.

TEAM: Back when they designed the Steelers helmet, they put the logo on only one side of the helmet since they weren't sure if the fans would like it. They figured if it was only on one side, they could remove it easier if fans hated it. That year they went 9-5, then a franchise record. Thinking that having the logo one side brought them good luck, they never changed it. Now you know!

PLAYERS: The Steel Curtain was the nickname given to the front four of their famous defensive line during their 1970s dynasty years. This defense was the backbone of the Steelers dynasty, which won 4 Super Bowls (IX, X, XIII, and XIV). The Steel Curtain was comprised of "Mean Joe" Greene, Ernie Holmes, L.C. Greenwood and Dwight White.

What was the best Pittsburgh fact?

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