October 23rd, 2009

Patriots Will Win 62-3 in London!

Week 6 was exciting. I love how Tom Brady played. He was amazing. I think New England can crush Tampa Bay as well. I would rate the Patriots 10/10 and 5/5 stars. Playing in London, I predict the Patriots will win 62-3 and Brady will have 6 more touchdowns. Another surprising thing is Denver being 6 and 0.

My Fantasy Hot Picks Are.......

QB Tom Brady - Tom tore up another defeated team and he is facing a worse one this week. He will pass for 350+ yards and 4+ touchdowns.

WR Randy Moss - Randy did EXCELLENT against another terrible team and he will face another bad team this week. He has an excellent quarterback to get passes from. Moss will have 190+ yards and 2+ touchdowns.

Defense New Orleans Saints - New Orleans has a good defense against a not so good team. Darren Sharper torches every Quarterback in the NFL when you face him. I predict the Saints will have 3+ sacks and 1+ interception.

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