March 9th, 2015

Kid Reporter: Fourth and Goal with Rich Eisen

Our very own Jake Robinson had a sit-down with NFL Network's own, Rich Eisen to talk his Combine experience and the upcoming NFL Draft.

1. After running a sub 6-second 40 yard dash last year, you ran a 6.10 this year. What happened and have we seen the best of Rich Eisen?

I didn't train, is what happened. I just figured I'd get out there and run and, due to my healthier eating habits over the last year, run faster than I did the year before. At age 45, I need to do a better job of getting off the line and running in a straight line! The 40-yard dash is harder than you think! I surely don't think you've seen the best of me, though.

2. Since running a 6.77 in the inaugural Run Rich Run in 2005, how has your training changed and can you share with us how you train for the combine?

Well, I guess I just shared with you how I train for the Combine. I work out and I do some agility drills, but need to actually start sprinting on occasion. Part of me feels the reason why my 40-yard dash resonates with some people is that I look like most people my age might look like if they attempted to run the 40 at the Combine. And in a full suit and tie, no less.

3. What do you think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should do with their 1st pick? Who stood out at this years combine and were there any surprise players?

I think the Bucs should take Jameis Winston. But only if they do all their due diligence on how he's conducted himself off the field and feel comfortable that the more dark portions of his past won't become part of their future. I really liked Vic Beasley of Clemson and also Byron Jones of UConn. I truly enjoyed watching their workouts and look forward to seeing how they turn out as pros. Same with Brett Hundley of UCLA.

4. This year you ran for St. Judes Hospital and fans submitted their own 40's. Did you receive many submissions and how much money did you raise for this great cause?

We got well over 100 submissions to Run Rich Run this year, which is the most we've ever received. And thanks to the matching 25K donations from the NFL, DirecTV (which is the partner of "The Rich Eisen Show") and Under Armour, we were able to raise over $105,000 for St. Jude.

Bonus Question: You running in your suit has become the logo for The Rich Eisen Show. Have you spoken to Roger Goddell about becoming the Jerry West of the NFL?

I have yet to speak to the Commissioner about changing the logo of the NFL to reflect my running style! I think I'll just have to be happy with it being the logo for "The Rich Eisen Show"! That's enough for me! For the moment...

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