December 10th, 2010

One Down, Four to Go

The best game from week 13 was the Packers against the 49ers. The game started off with the 49ers leading the Packers 6-0 with two field goals. It wasn’t until 7:02 left in the second quarter that the Packers took the lead with a 57 yard touchdown pass to the red hot Greg Jennings. The Packers never looked back, winning the game 34-16.

The most exciting play of the game was a 61 yard touchdown pass to Donald Driver. What made the play so exciting was that Donald had to break three tackles to make it in the end zone. Watching that play, you would have never guessed that Donald was sick with a case of food poisoning!

Now let’s cheer for the Packers to beat the underrated Detroit Lions, who are much better than their 2-10 record.

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NFLRush kid reporter,
Johnny S

If the Packers make it to the Super Bowl, who do you think they will play?

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