December 21st, 2009

Will the Super Players of the NFL start this week?

Some players on the Colts and Saints: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Reggie Wayne and the list goes on and on, may rest in the next two games because the Colts and the Saints have already clinched playoff spots and still have very skilled players on their teams who could take over.

I don't think that the coaches will sit out anyone that might hurt their chances in the next two games. If they do rest their big players, they should have enough trust in their second string to play them and hope they get a win from them.

If I were the coach and my team was still in the hunt for the Super Bowl I would let my better players play. If I were the coach but we were a 3-11 team and not in the hunt for the playoffs, I would take the chance and let the second string players play and see how they do in a game. But, that is only me. I think that any team that has the smallest chance of going to the Super Bowl will play their usual starters.

Over my Holiday Break, I look forward to getting to see all of my family. We are gathering at my Great Grandparent's house on Christmas Day. I always like the time after we have eaten dinner, and we can go outside, and have snowball fight! I do look forward to the presents, but I really can't wait for all the great foods, and the desserts! Have a GREAT Holiday Break!

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