January 7th, 2010

How Will They React to the Absence of Their MVP?

With the regular season now over it is now time for the fun part - The Playoffs. I always like watching the playoffs because it is the best teams.

The Jets/Bengals game is going to be a great game. The Jets destroyed the Bengals in the last week but Carson Palmer didn't really play. For the rematch I think it will be closer but the Jets will still win. My prediction is 27-14.

The Cowboys and Eagles will be a great rematch. It will be an exciting game with lots of action. I predict that the Cowboys will win 35 to 31.

The Green Bay/Arizona game should be an interesting game to watch. The Cardinals have the ability to really turn it on in the playoffs like last year. The Packers surprised people this year. I think Green Bay will win this one 31-28 in overtime.

I am most excited for the Ravens at Patriots game. The Patriots suffered a huge injury lost by losing Wes Welker. Playing at home I think the Patriots will win 21-14.

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