August 12th, 2014

NFL's Best Offensive Line?

The Big Uglies. The Hogs. The Blocks of Granite.

Whatever you want to call them, NFL offensive lines are filled with huge, strong men who do the dirty work. They protect the QB and they open up holes for the RBs, battling monster defensive linemen on every play.

Take a moment and observe the offensive line next time you watch an NFL game. It's...awesome. Which NFL team has the best offensive line?

Chicago Bears
Introducing a new system and two rookie starters into the mix, last year's Bears offensive line was pretty darn good at the end of the season. Watch for them to dominate this season.

Denver Broncos
How did the 38-year old Peyton Manning set so many passing records last season? Thank you, Broncos offensive line.

Philadelphia Eagles
In Chip Kelly's first season, the Eagles rolled out a completely new system. It's not easy for an offensive line to learn all new assignments, but the Eagles offensive line produced amazing results. With a year under their belts, they should be even better this season.

San Francisco 49ers
These brutes by the bay can play smash-mouth football with the best of them, while also providing excellent pass protection for rising star QB Colin Kaepernick.

Did notice how we discussed the best offensive lines and did not list a single individual lineman? That's because offensive linemen, more than any other in football, have to play together as a unit. That's what makes the job so difficult, and offensive linemen so special.

Which NFL team has the best offensive line?

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