March 26th, 2012

NFLRUSH Fantasy Grand Prize Winner!

My Dad and Mom just told me that I was the NFLRUSH Fantasy Grand Prize Winner. AWESOME! I didn’t think I won, but turns out I did!


My Dad plays in a bunch of Fantasy Football leagues, but there is no room for kids. The games are only for adults, which is a huge bummer. He told me about NFLRUSH Fantasy and how kids were able to create a league for kids to play in and then he helped set up my account. I never expected to get this far!


Throughout the season, I observed my Dad’s teams and tried to pick someone he started from those teams. He had so many teams, but I had to choose only 1 guy for different positions. I like Rob Gronkowski because he is from the Buffalo area and he got me a lot of points. Jimmy Graham also got me points as tight end and that was a hard pick because a lot of my Dad’s teams did not have tight ends to choose from. A lot of my Dad’s good players play every week, so I played my guys every week too.

I always asked my Dad how come he changed some players and he told me about bye weeks. So I had to remember that too. It was cool to sit with my Dad and play a game that kids could play like everyone else did. It was a little easier to play NFLRUSH Fantasy, than my Dad’s Fantasy games, because I didn’t have to play so many players each week.

My Mom told my Dad it’s time to let me in one of his leagues since I did better than him and his friends. He thought that was funny. Thanks again for my chance to play, it was fun. Now it’s AWESOME!

Thank You,


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