May 31st, 2012

NFL Top 100 Players: Manning vs Manning

The NFL Top 100 Players of 2012 placed Peyton Manning at number 50 on the list and that means that his brother, Eli, will likely place ahead of him.  Who is really the better Manning?  We brought together two NFLRushers to argue the point.


Why ELI is ahead of PEYTON in the Top 100



Are you kidding me?  Are we even having this conversation!?!  It's ELI all the way.   Let's look at some facts.  He's the 2012 Super Bowl Champion and the 2012 Super Bowl MVP.  He orchestrated an astonishing string of clutch victories down the stretch that would make brother Peyton drool!   Peyton didn't take a snap in 2011, meanwhile 2011 was pretty good for his little bro.  Eli passed Peyton in the Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl MVP count.  Not a bad year since ELI wasn't even in Top 100 for 2011.  Some list!   By the way, Peyton was number 2 on that list. Who was number one?  Tom Brady!   That's funny, because in each head-to-head Super Bowl appearance Eli  had against Brady - you guess it!   


Boom! Game over.  Don't ever read the Peyton article!


Peyton Manning Still the Best

By: PickSix


It always has been this way and always will be this way.  Peyton Manning is not only the best Manning to play QB, he is the best player in NFL history to play QB.  All you have to do is look at the facts.  Peyton is the only four-time MVP in NFL history. He is ranked third all-time in each category of TD passes (399), passes completed (4,682), and passing yards (54,828). He has led the Colts to nine straight 10-win seasons.  The same Colts who suddenly went from perennial Super Bowl favorites to the WORST team in the NFL without Peyton Manning.  That should show everyone how little help Peyton has received.  


What's Eli doing over in New York? Playing with one of the top defenses the NFL has ever seen and relying on miracle catches from elite receivers to win games.  Eli threw for over 4,000 yards his last three seasons, you say? Peyton has done that 11 times in his 13 years playing.  Peyton's career completion percentage in 64.9% (which ranks fourth all-time).  You know when the last time Eli was that accurate through an NFL season? Never.  Eli has never been better by the numbers than his big brother, Peyton, and that won't change in 2012.


Check out Peyton Manning, #50 on the NFL Top 100 Players.


Who should be higher on the NFL Top 100 Players list?

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