September 22nd, 2011

NFL's Top Rookie So Far: Cam Newton

The rookie that has impressed me most so far this season is Carolina Panthers’ number 1 overall Draft pick Cam Newton. Being a Carolina Panthers fan myself, I was so happy when I saw Cam break three records, and he has a good chance to break many more.


I never expected him to do so well this early. In his first game, he had 422 yards, 2 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown. In his second game, he had 432 yards, 1 passing touchdown and 1 rushing touchdown. I thought of him as being more of a rusher not a passer, but I guess I was wrong. Now, as for those records he broke, Cam achieved the most passing yards by a first time starter.  He followed that record up in Week 2 by throwing for the most passing yards for a rookie in NFL history.


Cam is the rookie who has surprised me the most so far this season, and if he keeps it up, he will definitely be the Rookie of the Year. I even got his jersey for my birthday last month and I hope that one day I’ll get to meet him in person.


Brandt Hedgpeth

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

Do you think Cam Newton will win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award this season?

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