August 1st, 2014

NFL RUSH Fantasy Trivia

The 2014 NFL RUSH Fantasy season is here!

As you think about this season, it might help to look back on last season...trivia style.

Good luck!

Last season...

1. Which of these defenses had the most fumble recoveries?
a. Dallas Cowboys b. Pittsburgh Steelers c. Oakland Raiders

2. Which of these tight ends caught the most TD passes?
a. Jordan Cameron b. Julius Thomas c. Vernon Davis

3. Which of these QBs passed for the most yards?
a. Matt Stafford b. Matt Ryan c. Philip Rivers

4. Which WR had the most rushing TDs?
a. Cordarrelle Patterson b. Tavon Austin c. Alshon Jeffery

5. Which of these RBs had to most rushing TDs?
a. Adrian Peterson b. Eddie Lacy c. Knowshon Moreno

Last Week's Trivia Answers

1. What player scored on the most two point conversions?
a. Andrew Luck b. Marshawn Lynch c. Jay Cutler

2. Which QB threw the fewest INTs?
a. Tom Brady b. Tony Romo c. Philip Rivers

3.Which RB had the most receiving TDs?
a. Danny Woodhead b Jamaal Charles c. Knowshon Moreno

4. Which QB scored the most rushing TDs?
a. Colin Kaepernick b. Andrew Luck c. Geno Smith

5. What team's defense scored the most TDs?
a. Seattle Seahawks b. Chicago Bears c. San Francisco 49ers

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