March 22nd, 2013

NFL Rule Change

I'm curious about the new rule that running backs can't charge helmet-first through the line in the open field. It appears that they are simply trying to make it a passing game. I think there will be more rule changes like this to make the game of football safer.

One rule that might be changed in football is eliminating the kick off so no one gets hurt by hitting another person while running as fast as they can. It would be disappointing if they change any big rules like rushing the quarter back or some other rule without seeing how the other changes affect coaching and playing the game. That would really be surprising to me if they would change that rule.

Is this a sign that the running backs like Steven Jackson may not be able to play the same way? I'd feel bad for all those players that may be affected.

Did you know that Steven Jackson signed with the Atlanta Falcons? He is my favorite player and I wish he would not have moved. Now, the Atlanta Falcons have my favorite player, but I hope that he gets replaced with as good of a player as him. I wish that players would stick with a team longer. Even after moving, he will still be my favorite player.



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