NFL Rookies Visit Hall of Fame

At the NFL’s 16th Annual Rookie Symposium, rookie draft picks from all 32 teams, including OT Luke Joeckel from the Jacksonville Jaguars, participated in guided tours of the Pro Football Hall of Fame this week.


After a tour, the rookies attended a special presentation by Hall of Famer Mike Haynes, who provided the rookies with advice on how to prepare for life after football and how to represent themselves and the NFL in a responsible and respectful manner.


Visit the Pro Football Hall Of Fame to learn more.

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  • Buffalo Bills

    June 28, 2013

    beasy7 · draftee

    That is so cool. So this is what it means to be a rookie, well that's great. Yes it is important to know how to act in the NFL.

  • New England Patriots

    June 27, 2013

    brady390 · practice squad