January 30th, 2013

Today is Wednesday and I arrived in New Orleans last night.  Today, I got to go to the NFL Experience.  Andrew Luck hung with me for most of the day.  He threw around the ball with me, he helped me kick a field goal, and we did interviews together.  One of the reporters played football with me and Andrew Luck. The reporter  threw the ball to me but Andrew Luck tipped it and before it could touch the ground, I ran up and caught it before it hit the ground!  Kurt Warner came on the field and was throwing around the ball with me and Andrew Luck.  My brother was really excited because Kurt Warner was one of the first quarterbacks he ever remembered.


So far in my autograph book I have lots of autographs; some of them are Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, Rob Gronowski, Kurt Warner, Jim Harbaugh and a lot more! 


I’ve met a lot of Saints fans and they taught me “Who Dat”.  Andrew Luck asked me if I knew how  to sing “Hail to the Redskins”. So I sang it for him!


My first day was really, really cool! I can’t wait until tomorrow!


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