February 2nd, 2013

Today is Thursday and I woke up and there was a blimp at my hotel window!  I never saw one before. I was surprised. Then we left to have breakfast and go pick up our day passes for the Superdome but on our way there we got lost!  We kept asking for directions but didn’t know which way to go! We finally found our way there.  My mom told the NFL guy Matt that we already did our 60 minutes of play today! I said but we still have to do more!


We went to the Mercedes Benz Superdome. We first filmed some of my video for the Super Bowl.  Before we went inside my dad took a picture of me, my brother Brandon and my mom Griffining on the small field outside of the Superdome.  I am hoping RGIII sees it.


Then we went inside and went to the 49ers locker room. I got to see the showers, NFC symbol and the lockers.  The 49ers did not have their names up yet.  We then went to the Ravens locker room and they had their names up.  I sat in Ray Lewis’s locker.  I even did Ray Lewis’s dance right in front of his locker.


We left the locker rooms and we got to go on the field.  We got to play football on the field.  The Ravens endzone just got done being painted. I was told not to step on it but everywhere else I could run.  It was really cool because I got to play on the field before all the players in the Super bowl.


We went to eat and we heard music coming from the street.  We ran to the window and we saw a band and a guy dressed up as a alligator.  I thought it was pretty cool.


We went back to our hotel and the 49ers came in from their bus.  I saw Joe Looney and he signed my autograph book.  While I was waiting for the players to get their autographs I got to sit on a New Orleans sheriffs motorcycle. I felt really awesome.


We went back to our room and I saw the Roman Numerals outside of of window. They are XLVII.  They are big and they have films on them.  I think they will be just white tomorrow morning.  You know how I know? I have a Super Bowl book I brought with me from my library.


That was my day here in New Orleans.

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