February 4th, 2015

NFL Play 60 Super Kid Bobby - Day Three

Thursday I woke up before the sunrise and made it to an awesome location in the Arizona desert, where I was filmed up close to a huge cactus. I had fun being on camera and having my picture taken.

Immediately after, I was able to visit the University of Phoenix stadium where the Super Bowl will be held and I was able to take a tour before the stadium filled with fans from across the country. It was amazing being right on the field and knowing that this Sunday the Patriots and Seahawks will be playing right where I was standing.

The stadium looked awesome and made me more excited for Super Bowl Sunday! After I toured the stadium, I was able to attend the Idina Menzel and Katy Perry press conference where I asked Katy Perry how her halftime show will be different from her regular shows. She was really nice and it became more real that I was going to watch her show at the Super Bowl. I ended my night by meeting some really great people from NFL Together We Make Football.

I was able to meet other winners from the contest and legendary players like Deion Sanders and Brian Dawkins. I also met former coach Tony Dungy. The night was filled with great conversations and a lot of awesome pictures!