November 10th, 2012

NFL Halloween

I was a NFL referee for Halloween this year. I had the whole outfit: the flag, the whistle, and even the hat. The referee shirt that I got was a real one, which was cool.

I got the shirt at the NFL Back To Football Run back in August before the season had even started. My dad won it for me from the "You Make The Call" challenge that was there.

Everyone asked the question, "are you a real referee or a replacement referee." My answer was a real referee. A lot of people didn't like the replacement referees because of some of the bad calls. But sometimes, the real referees make some bad calls too.

I went trick or treating in my neighborhood and at the start of every block I would blow my whistle. When there was a long line or a store didn't have candy, I would throw the flag and call a personal foul penalty. It was a lot of fun.

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


If you were something NFL like, what were you?

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