December 21st, 2013

NFL Gameday: CRUNCH TIME Edition!

You're tired.  You're mentally drained. Your body aches. 


You've been playing NFL FOOTBALL for 15 tough weeks.


You had one goal at the beginning of the season: MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.


Two weeks left to go and your goal is within sight.  But you are not there yet...and a bunch of other hungry NFL teams are standing in your way.


How are you going to respond?  Are you going to take a deep breath, do what it takes to win, and make the playoffs?  Or will you come up short...and watch the playoffs from home this year?


IT'S CRUNCH TIME.  Today's games are huge.


So set your Fantasy Football line-ups and make your Pick Em picks.  Pop the popcorn, grab your family and friends, and enjoy an awesome day of NFL football!


Which of these teams gets a huge win today?

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