January 28th, 2013

The Super Bowl is not the only big game this week,  The finals for the NFL FLAG National Championships will be streamed live on today, January 29th Starting at 3:30 ET.   NFL FLAG teams all over the nation competed and now the top teams come together for this great event.  


Watch the games live today by clicking here.

Championship games: 

o   3:30 PM ET – 9-11 Coed

o   4:00 PM ET - 12-14 Girls

o   4:30 PM ET - 12-14 Boys


For more info on how you can join an NFL FLAG team in your area, click here.

Arizona Coed 9-11
Arizona Boys 12-14
Arizona Girls 12-14
Bengals Coed 9-11
Bengals Boys 12-14
Bengals 12-14
Cowboys Coed 9-11
Cowboys Boys 12-14
Cowboys Girls 12-14
Houston Coed 9-11
Houston Boys 12-14
Houston Girls 12-14
Jets Coed 9-11
Jets Boys 12-14
Jets Girls 12-14
Raiders Coed 9-11
Raiders Girls 12-14
Ravens Boys 12-14
Ravens Girls 12-14
Ravens Coed 9-11
Saints Coed 9-11
Saints Boys 12-14
Raiders Boys 12-14
Raiders Boys 12-14

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