February 19th, 2014

NFL Combine - WR Drills!

A famous wide receiver once said "just throw me the darn ball!"  But there is oh so much more to it.


Today's WR must do more than run fast (although speed is huge).  They must be able to block, run after the catch and battle the ferocious secondaries around the league. And oh yeah: they have to catch the darn ball.


So how do the NFL scouts evaluate wide receivers at the Combine?  

Sideline Tap Drill

1. QB lines up on the right hash

2. WR lines up to the right of the QB 

3. At the snap, WR runs to a cone 8-10 yards away

4. WR then cuts towards a cone at the sideline

5. QB throws the football towards the sideline, forcing the WR to catch the football and control both feet before his momentum carries him out of bounds

Basically, the WR runs an out and demonstrates speed, agility, athleticism and hands.

Over the Shoulder Drill

1. QB stands 5 yards behind the WR

2. QB yells “GO" and WR runs top speed straight ahead 

4. QB yells “BALL” after 10 yards and WR looks back over his shoulder 

5. WR adjusts to the ball thrown by the QB over either shoulder 

This time, the WR is essentially running a fly pattern.  He's showing speed ability to adjust when running top speed, and hands. 
Think you've got what it takes to be a NFL wide receiver?  Grab a friend, try this drills yourself and let us know how you do!
Don't forget to check out the QB  or RB drills in case you decide to change positions!


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