February 13th, 2014

NFL Combine - What Does the RB Do?

So you want to play running back in the NFL?  Cool, it's a great gig!  But many awesome football players want to be NFL running backs, so you'll need to do well at the Combine.


They'll make you do these crazy drills at the Combine, so be sure to practice at home first.


Tackle/Reaction Drill


1. Line up 7 yards deep behind the QB

2. QB takes the snap and then hands off to you

3. RUN! Burst over 4 step-over dummies as fast as you can

4. Keep your eyes ahead -- after the 4th dummy, there's a 5th "stand-up" dummy 5 yards ahead

5. The DRILL DIRECTOR tilts the stand-up dummy left or right -- go THE OTHER WAY towards 2 cones

6. Fly through the cones and finish with a 20-yard sprint


Change of Direction (COD)  - Pitch Drill


1. Line up 7 yards deep behind the QB

2. QB takes the snap and pitches the ball to you, and you run like gazelle outside the TE (symbolized by the 1st cone)

3. You then weave around 5 more cones in a zigzag pattern, switching the football to the outside arm each time

4. After the 5th cone, sprint 20-yards upfield like you;re headed to the end zone!

Grab a friend and a stop watch and hit these drills!  Then come back and post your best times in the comments. 
Don't forget to check out the QB drills in case you decide to change positions!


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