February 12th, 2014

NFL Combine - QB Drills

Sure you have run fast, jump high, be strong and do other workout drills which every player at the NFL Combine must do.  But that's not all.


Each position has their own specific drills on which they are evaluated.  Doing well can be the difference between getting drafted into the NFL...or not.


 NFL scouts like QBs who have great footwork and can make the key throws.  Here's how they look at your NFL  QB potential:


Pocket Movement Drill 

The QB takes a big 5 step drop. Then the Drill Director -- that sounds like a cool job -- gives them a forward, backward, and lateral command, just as if the QB is being rushed by someone like, say Aldon Smith.  The QB runs and then throws when the Drill Director yells “ball.”  All of this happens in about 3 seconds.


Why do they do this? Good footwork allows a QB to be more accurate, gives him the ability to get out of trouble and allows him to avoid trouble inside the pocket.  If you want to see NFL QBs with excellent footwork, take a look at Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.


3 - 5 - 7 Drop Throws 

QBs run through a series of three, five, and seven step drops. At each drop they will throw a slant, an out, an in, a corner, and a deep route.  Coaches and scouts are not focused on accuracy but rather technique (footwork, throwing motion, arm strength, etc). 


This is where less well-known QBs from smaller schools can shine.  For example, Delaware University’s Joe Flacco excelled at the 2008 NFL Combine and ended up being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens with the 18th pick of the NFL Draft.  Then he won Super Bowl XLVII and got a huge new contract, so there's a lot on the line at the Combine. 


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Which skill is the most important for a QB?

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