February 14th, 2013

NFL Awards

Well, the 2012-2013 thrilling NFL season has officially come to an end now that the scoreboard of the Super Bowl has read three zero's. I would now finally like to express my opinion on who should be given what annual awards. From Comeback Player of the Year to Super Bowl MVP, all the awards will be a title for a certain player to possess.

First of all, I would like to hand out the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. This particular achievement has received a large amount of debating. After all, three rookie quarterbacks all reached extremely high objectives. Both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have broken rookie quarterback records, while Russell Wilson carried a 7-9 team deep into the playoffs, deepest out of all rookie QB's. While Andrew Luck broke Cam Newton's record, which was set, surprisingly, last year, for rookie passing yards, he lacks the dual threat of passing and running which both Russell Wilson and RGIII contain. When these two quarterbacks clashed in the wild card round back in January, Wilson came out on top. However, RGIII was playing with an injury, and a huge brace. His leadership skills, enthusiasm, and ability to play with injuries have persuaded me to announce him as Offensive Rookie of the Year.

It would only be appropriate to declare the Defensive Rookie of the Year after RGIII has received his award. Defensive players are often over looked, especially when they play on teams with disappointing seasons like the Carolina Panthers. However, Luke Kuechly cannot help but stand out. This linebacker was only able to get one sack onto his stat sheet, but he put up an incredible 164 tackles with two interceptions and three fumble returns adding up to thirty-one return yards! A decent portion of football fans probably would not recognize the name Luke Kuechly if you asked them, but I believe he deserves this award.

Offensive Player of the Year goes to Calvin Johnson simply because I believe he deserves recognition for what he has done this season. He is a great role-model and example of why you should never give up, even when everything seems lost. Battling the Madden Curse on a 4-12 team while fellow receivers were benched or injured, he has shown remarkable receiving skills, strength, confidence, and why he is called Megatron.

J.J. Watt is a strong threat on the field, and this year's Defensive Player of the Year. He ended the year with a jaw-dropping 20.5 sacks, eighty-one combined tackles, and four forced fumbles. Let's not forget to mention his one blocked field goal and four defended passes. Bringing his team to the divisional round of the playoffs, J.J. Watt certainly deserves this title.

Comeback Player of the Year has received about as much argument, if not more than, as the Offensive Rookie of the Year. The two contenders are obviously Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson. To determine who should receive this award, we must look at three statistics. Number one: Who put up the best personal stats? Peyton Manning's 4,659 yards and thirty-seven touchdowns giving him an 105.8 rating at the end of the year is certainly impressive, but it does not equal Adrian Peterson coming nine yards shy of breaking Eric Dickerson's single season rushing yards record. Peterson wins this category. Next, number two: Who brought their team the farthest this year? Although Peterson brought his team to the playoffs for the first time since 2009, Manning fell only just short of reaching his fourth AFC Championship game. Manning wins this area of the award. Finally, number three: Who came back from the more serious injury? Now, do not get me wrong; a torn ACL and MCL are extremely serious, but neck surgery is huge! Not only did it keep Manning out for an entire season, but it made it questionable whether or not he was going to play football ever again. Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, wins this category along with the Comeback Player of the Year award.

We only have two awards left to give out, and the first out of the two is the Super Bowl MVP. Joe Flacco played amazingly in that game, but I believe the award should be given to someone who will be remembered for what he did in that game. Jacoby Jones returned a kickoff 108 yards for a TD and caught a fifty-six yard TD reception. It was his only catch of the game, but it was an exciting one as he fell over as he made the catch, quickly stood up, and jukes out two San Francisco defender to run into the end zone. With a total of 164 yards and fourteen points in America's biggest game of the year, he now has the bragging rights of Super Bowl XLVII MVP.

Finally, for the National Football League MVP. Surprisingly, this man is not a quarterback, but that is why I believe he deserves the award. In a league that is becoming more and more pass dependant each year, Adrian Peterson has become the difference between life and death on his team and has brought back life to the running game's existence. Christian Ponder (2,935 yards, eighteen TD's, and thirteen interceptions) and his Vikings would have not been able to reach the playoffs this year if it were not for the Comeback Player of the Year award nominee, All Day. Expect Adrian Peterson and Minnesota to be back next year, better than ever, and hungry for more than another Wild Card loss.



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