December 18th, 2012

NFC East Playoffs

One of the closest divisions right now is the NFC East.


In that division are the Giants who are 8-5, the Redskins who are 7-6, the Cowboys who are 7-6, and the Eagles who are 4-9. My prediction is that the Redskins are going to win that division. Even though the Giants are leading by a game, they have two tough games coming up. They have to play the Falcons and the Ravens. The Redskins have to play two teams under .500 and the Cowboys. I think that they'll win all three of those games. The Redskins are also the best in divisional games, so if it comes to a tie, they might win it. The Redskins also have a four game winning streak.

The other teams that I think that will win their division are the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans, the Green Bay Packers, and the San Francisco 49ers. The teams that won their division already are the Atlanta Falcons, the New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos.


The teams that I think will get the wildcard spots are the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Who do you think will win the NFC East?

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