February 11th, 2013

New Kid Reporter Sebastian's Favorite Player

CRASH!!! CLACK!!! A Tackle by London Fletcher number 59! My favorite player in the NFL is London Fletcher. I think that he is the best linebacker veteran football player in all of the NFL. There is also other good linebackers, but he stands out before all because he is still in the NFL, while it’s going to be his 16th veteran year, in the 2013-2014 NFL season. He is still in the NFL after so many years because of how good he can tackle and sack other offensive players.


"... and number 59 of the  Washington Redskins, sacking Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys causing them to lose 7 yards. Now the Cowboys will have to punt the ball," the announcer booms in his big speaker voice. All the Redskins fans, cheer in contrast the Cowboys fans are booing! But, before he was a football player London Fletcher led a very  different life.  He was born on May 19, 1975, in Cleveland, Ohio. He went to college at John Carroll University, but he started his football career at  Cleveland (OH) Villa Angela-St. Joseph.


Fletcher started his career in football, when he was  undrafted in the year,  1998, he was picked up by the Saint Louis Rams as a free agent.  On April 19, 1998, it was official he was signed up with the St. Luis Rams. Later with the Rams he earned the "Ram's Rookie of the Year Award". Then, 1999 he won the starting linebacker position in training camp. That same year, he led the team in tackles making 138, putting all those other men down from other teams. This was a good year for him because he went to the Pro Bowl, and the next year he led his team's defense to the Super Bowl.


And he switches teams again! London got picked up by the Buffalo Bills this time, on March 7, 2002. As always he was a good player and this time he set a franchise record breaking the old record of 206 tackles he took that over with 209 tackles. He did not do much, as much as he did on the St. Luis Rams. He was on the Buffalo Rams from 2002 to 2006.


And as you now the pro-bowler is now on the Redskins.  He went to the Pro Bowl again this year leading the NFC's defense to a win against the AFC's offense, even with Payton Manning. With RGIII this year,  the Redskins did a good job. Most of his other fellow great defensive players got hurt. The defense struggled in the beginning, but they brought the Redskins to the Playoffs and did a fairly good job. And, that is why London Fletcher, Number 59 is my favorite player!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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